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What do I get when I purchase the Virtual-LOI?

Whichever Virtual-LOI product you select, you will get: Three CD-ROMs, each one containing the data for one of the three degree ceremonies and a user guide packaged in a DVD case.

What operating system does the Virtual-LOI run on?

The Virtual-LOI runs on the MS Windows operating system. We cannot offer support for other operating systems. (Though some of our customers run it on MAC's on a windows emulator, as we have little knowledge of Apple products, we can only offer limited support for this. - See below for further info).

Can I run the Virutal-LOI on an Apple Macintosh?

More recent Apple MAC computers are supplied with Windows emulator software. The Virtual-LOI will happily run under this emulator. For older MACs it is possible to run the Virtual-LOI using a windows simulation software called 'Parallels', we can only supply limited support MACs. However, we DO have many customers who are doing this. If you have a Mac, don't have access to a windows PC and really want to try it, then please contact us on before you place an order and we will advise you.

How is the Virtual-LOI product range structured?

There are currently six products, one for each officer in the lodge, each of three CD-ROMs.
Each of the products supplies the software and data for one of the six officers involved in the three craft ceremonies.These are Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Warden, Senior and Junior Deacon and Inner Guard.

Will I need to buy a set every year?

It depends on how difficult you find learning the ritual. If you feel that you need the prompts for you current office then you need to buy that officer, however if you are completely confident you can learn just by hearing the other officers then you don't need to buy one for each year. Some masons just buy their current officer then later purchase the Worshipful Master. Some masons, though not many, buy one each year through their whole six years in office, from Inner guard to Worshipful Master.

Which Virtual-LOI officer should I purchase?

We recommend that you purchase the officer you are now trying to learn. Regardless of which officer set you go for, you still hear and see all the ceremony and interaction of all the officers in the lodge, but you will only get the prompts for the specific officer you have purchased.

Does the Virtual-LOI show the masonic 'secrets'?

None of the masonic secrets are included in any form in the Virtual-loi products. The 'words" have been ommited, the grips are not shown and the signs have been replaced by a simple 'hand on heart" gesture.

What ritual workings does the Virtual-LOI demonstrate?

The Virtual-LOI is suitable for learning those rituals used by most English masons. The dialogue of the officers and the prompts supplied by the software are almost identical to those used by Emulation (other than one or two words) and the floor work is very similar but does not follow the rubrics in the Emulation ritual book so could not be called Emulation workings. However it is similar enough for anyone to learn the ritual properly.

Can I play it on my DVD/Stereo/Television?

No. It would be far to easy for a simple DVD or Video to be distributed outside the masonic community, so regrettably, we have had to build it as a computer program with security software facilities built into it.

Do I need to logon to the internet to use the Virtual-LOI?

No, there is no need to access the web to use the software. It is a stand alone program to be installed and run on your 'C" drive. However you may need to access the web as a one off event to download the 'QuickTime" player if it is not already installed on your PC, as the Virtual-LOI uses QuickTime to display the movies.

How do I get the program running on my PC?

When you receive you Virtual-LOI set, you will need to install it on your PC; you will find all the necessary information to complete the installation included with your product. The install process is quite straight forward, but for those of you not so computer literate we offer full telephone and email support, and we can take you through the install procedure by phone or by email.

Can I purchase a full set for the lodge?

Not under our current licensing policy we cannot supply sets for lodges.
The license conditions state that the software is licensed to one named user and the user may not pass the software to anyone else or obtain licenses for a third party. That would constitute software piracy which is illegal.
We are looking at a practical way to supply to lodges.

Does the Virtual-LOI replace my own lodge of Instruction?

Absolutely not! We want to emphasize that the Virtual-LOI is a tool to help you learn your ritual and your own lodge of instruction is where you experience the enjoyment of working with the other members of your lodge.

By using the Virtual-LOI to build confidence in your own ritual work, you will find that you will enjoy attending your real lodge of instruction because you can concentrate on PRACTICING the ritual, with your fellow brethren, instead of trying to remember the next line or wondering where you should be at any particular point in the ritual.

Using the Virtual-LOI and the book:
A craftsman must learn and refine his skills himself. No-one else can learn it for him;

At his own Lodge of Instruction:
He must then see how his work fits together with the parts of the intended structure supplied by the other craftsmen and masters in his lodge.

At the actual lodge meeting:
He brings his abilities together with his fellow brethren to create a harmonious whole, giving the candidate a rich and meaningful experience.

Does the Virtual-LOI replace the ritual book?

Not at all. Whilst the Virtual-LOI is probably the most effective and powerful tool for learning your ritual to date, it is important that you do not depend on it entirely.
One of the most beneficial things that a mason can do is to learn to practice his ritual in his own imagination. The benefits gained from doing this are invaluable. I would recommend the use of the Virtual-LOI in privacy at home, and to use the book and your imagination to practice at other times and places. Practicing the ritual in your imagination while sitting on the train or in your work breaks does wonders for your powers of concentration and no one notices if you pull the book out of your pocket to look up the odd word.We recommend that you always carry the ritual book with you, so that you can go over the ceremony in your imagination at any time.

Can non-masons purchase the Virtual-LOI?

The Virtual-LOI was developed as a training aid specifically to help masons learn their ritual and has no other use or purpose. As such, we have adopted the policy that we will only supply it to members of the craft for that express purpose.

How much will I benefit from purchasing the Virtual-LOI? Is it worth the money?

You will benefit from the Virtual-LOI directly in proportion to the amount you use it.However in terms of time and money, the cost of the Virtual-LOI works out at less than 1.00 per WEEK even if you purchased every officer! It is certainly worth much more than that to have all the members of a lodge available to practice with you, at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home. With no time or cost of traveling, no delays, no distractions and no wrong prompts! :)