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Licensing and Pricing Policy

Our Licensing Policy

This means that when you purchase the Virtual-LOI software you are purchasing the license to use it. You have not purchased the software itself (Which remains the property of Aquabarn Development Ltd)

Our current licensing policy
On purchasing a Virtual-LOI product a single user license is included in the price and allows the customer to install and run the software on ONE computer. So, please install it on the computer you wish to use it on.

Supplying to Lodges
Due to the logistical problems to both ourselves and lodge secretaries, we do not supply sets to lodges to be passed on each year. The Virtual-LOI is designed for individual use and as such it is far easier to supply it on a fixed licences to the individual who purchased it.


A benefit for today's AND tomorrows Freemasons
To get the long term value from their Virtual-LOI products our customers will always need us to support them by helping them with installation problems and supplying new licenses to keep their software operational so they can learn their ritual. This is the purpose of 'licensing" software instead of selling it. As it always needs ongoing support and as, by its nature it continues to give new value to the user, it is normal to set a limit on the license and to renew the license periodically.
When our customers re-install their Virtual-LOI software and need a new license we have always issued these licenses without charge.

If you want us to be here to help you and future masons learn your ritual it is important that you do not pass your software to another mason. Please respect the license agreement, so we are still here to support your software in the future.If a fellow mason is interested in the virtual-LOI software please send them to our website to buy their own copy. Without new sales we will not be here tomorrow to issue ongoing key codes.

We will continue to support our customer in the same manner that we have since launching the Virtual-LOI in 2005.