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Terms and Conditions


User - The customer who purchased the use of the Virtual-LOI software.
We / the company - Aquabarn Development Ltd
The software - The Virtual-Lodge Of Instruction Freemasons interactive training software (Virtual-LOI).
The software range consists of six separate officers each corresponding to one officer in a Masonic Lodge. Either single or multiple Virtual-LOI officers can be licensed to run on a single computer.
Lock-Code - A digital code generated from the users computer on the installation of the software.
Key-Code - A digital code generated from the users lock-code which unlocks/authorizes the license on that specific computer.
License / Software license - Specified authorization/permissions on the installation and use of the software on one computer activated by one key-code.

Ownership of the software
The software remains the property of the company and its use is licensed to a single user. This enables the company to spread the development costs to many users, otherwise it would not be financially viable to produce.
It also enables the company to supply ongoing support for the software when users require it.

Licensed Use
The company licenses the user to install and use the Virtual-LOI software on their computer. The License is issued on the understanding that the software is installed on ONE machine only, for which a single license (Key-code) is issued and the cost of the license is included in the original purchase price of the product(s).

Extra Licenses
Further licenses may be supplied to a user, at the discretion of the company, on the absolute condition that it is for the users own computer.

Limitations on the License
We currently do not limit the license to a specific time period (e.g. 1 year) but issue a license which gives the user unlimited time use of the software on one machine AS LONG AS THE COMPUTER DOES NOT CHANGE. If the user upgrades the hardware or re-installs the operating system, the software will need to be re-licensed as the security software will deem it to be a different machine. Therefore if you are planning to add new hardware or re-install your operating system, please do that BEFORE installing the Virtual-LOI software then you will gain maximum benefit from your license.

Multiple Officer Licenses
Where two or more officers have been purchased by one user, a single license will enable all those officers to be installed on the same computer (A single key-code to activate the all specified officers on ONE machine).
Separate officers purchased by the same user must be installed on the same computer under one license and may not be installed on different machines. The user must have purchased each of the specific officers he wishes to run on his computer.

We reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time.